Meet The Revolution Team

Tadeh Eskandarian, CEO
  • B.A., Economics - California State University Northridge
  • First Bitcoin Bought - 2017
Meet Tadeh, the CEO of Revolution Mining. Tadeh is a financial industry veteran who’s spent the last 18 years at Merrill Lynch establishing himself as a trusted advisor to his clients and becoming one of the nation’s top producers. With over $5 Billion in total lifetime credit deals and over $300 Million in annual credit production, Tadeh’s skillset in structured finance and sales are second to none. He is also an accomplished entrepreneur, having launched several successful businesses, and is recognized for his ability to drive innovation and growth.

With his exceptional background in economics, coupled with his passion for cutting-edge technology, Tadeh co-founded Revolution Mining in 2021, with the goal of transforming the Bitcoin mining experience for all. His visionary leadership has quickly propelled the company from a small home-garage GPU mining farm to a multi-million-dollar operation, with over a hundred ASICS deployed across the globe.

Tadeh's relentless pursuit of excellence and his unwavering commitment to creating value for clients and investors alike, have firmly established Revolution Mining as one of the fastest-growing companies in the Bitcoin mining space. We are proud to have Tadeh at the helm of Revolution Mining, and we look forward to the exciting future that lies ahead under his guidance.

Ed Nersessian, COO
  • B.S., Computer Information Systems - California State University LA
  • First Bitcoin Bought - 2017

Meet Ed Nersessian, our Chief Operating Officer, a highly skilled and competent leader with over 22 years of experience in Information Technology. Ed has worked with some of the largest organizations and companies of its kind in the world, making him a visionary with a strong passion for technology and strategy.

During his time at the Fire Department, Ed was part of a team that provided complete design, upgrades, and support for 194 fire stations across Los Angeles, which included the critical emergency 911 dispatch network relied upon by all 9.8 million residents of Los Angeles County.

Ed's proven track record in high-uptime critical enterprise IT and automation led him to co-found Revolution Mining in 2021, where he has established the company as one of the most innovative in the crypto-mining industry. Ed's vision of providing professional hosting services to Bitcoin miners has become a reality, and Revolution Mining is quickly becoming a prominent player in the crypto-mining space. In less than 5 months of launching the company, he secured strategic land in West Texas and a power agreement ensuring access to 15 megawatts of reliable power, which will serve as the future home of Revolution Mining's own Bitcoin mining operations and for its clients.

Ed's relentless persistence and unwavering commitment is driving Revolution Mining towards a future of continued growth and success, achieving it's goals and solidifying its place in the crypto-mining space.