first ever bitcoin enabled real estate marketplace

United States' First Ever Bitcoin Enabled Real Estate Marketplace

MyEListing, a leading commercial real estate marketplace, is gearing up to launch their ASAP (Accelerated Sale and Purchase) program, which will be the United States' first-ever bitcoin-enabled real estate marketplace, all made possible through a strategic Coinbase integration. This innovative platform will enable real estate agents to list U.S. commercial and residential properties for sale in Bitcoin or cash. According to MyEListing’s CEO, Caleb Richter, "with the ASAP program, anyone, regardless of the language they speak or where they are in the world, can purchase residential and commercial real estate with crypto in as little as one business day." The transaction times will be 50 times faster than current averages and the program will bring a new era of accessibility and profitability to the real estate market.

MyEListing launched their ASAP program on April 20, 2023 to Texas-only properties and plans to expand to other states in June 2023. Properties available for purchase with Bitcoin can be currently browsed on MyEListing’s website. They also have a video that explains in detail how the ASAP program works and how to get started.

The Coinbase integration by MyEListing is expected to revolutionize the real estate realm. It will be exciting to see the program’s success as it expands across the United States in the coming months.

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