Revolution Mining secures 15MW Bitcoin Mining Facility in West Texas

Revolution Mining secures 15MW Bitcoin Mining Facility in West Texas

We’re excited to announce the upcoming launch of our new 15 mega-watt Bitcoin mining facility! Located in the Bitcoin mining capital of the world, our West Texas facility is designed to be one of the most advanced and efficient crypto-mining operations in the industry.

Our facility is powered by reliable on-grid energy, and is diversified to include clean renewable energy such as wind and solar. Furthermore, our facility is participating in the retail energy power markets where we've secured the most competitive rates and will have the latest technology to monitor temperatures and hashrates 24 hours a day to ensure the best uptime for our clients.

With our new Texas facility on the horizon, Revolution Mining is improving the environmental impact of Bitcoin mining by incorporating clean renewable energy like wind and solar into its energy mix, enabling us to mine cryptocurrency with minimal environmental impact. Our facility will boast cutting-edge infrastructure, including top-of-the-line mining hardware and software, as well as advanced cooling systems to ensure optimal performance and efficiency.

In addition, we will have a dedicated team of experienced experts on hand to oversee and maintain our mining operation, ensuring that we remain online and hashing at all times. We're proud to be bringing this exciting new project to West Texas and believe that our new facility will not only generate significant economic benefits for the local community, but will also help continue establishing the region as a key player in the rapidly growing Bitcoin mining industry.

We look forward to sharing more details about our facility in the coming weeks and months - and invite you to join us as we embark on this exciting new venture together!

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